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"I love KWT and use it nearly every day. I have a number of my sites included in the domain dashboard where I can keep an eye on their progress (and that of rivals!) and use the tools to improve their ranking. My most favourite section of all is the keyword explorer that I use for finding (of course) keywords but also those exact match domain names for great keywords, with lots of searches that no one else has picked up before. It's great for finding those gems."


Meg Learner


"I use Keyword Titan every single day. It's the best tool I've used in the past 4 years. I check my domain metrics and look for new keywords. I am ranking NO.1 on page 1 for my main keyword, 880 search volume with a cpc of $27.26 which is very competitive. Beating out larger, more established websites! I have 9 top 10 rankings & 52 Top 100 rankings with Monthly Est. Value of $12,747.04. My site is service driven & I'm starting to get calls, leads & prospective clients  On another site, I use KT to find a keyword that gets 110,000 monthly searches & the weakest kid on the block has just 3 backlinks.  I'm on it  Thanks Guys, wouldn't be this far without you & all your tools!"





"I have just checked the Ranking Suggestions @KT. I really like the tone. It feels like a personal SEO coach giving you the advice. I remember a webinar [about generating] reports for SEO clients. Like 'rebranding' the product ... This gives me a great idea to earn some extra money with Keyword Titan."


Paul Member



Geo Databases








Why Keyword Titan?

Keyword Titan is a powerful, all-in-one SEO and Internet Marketing mega tool! We utilize state-of-the-art technology to provide you with all of the research, management and marketing tools you could need in theever-changing world of SEO. With SEO and digitial marketing becoming more and more competitive, Keyword Titan gives smark marketers the edge they need to get ahead and get top rankings in the SE's! Keyword Titan is not just a keyword tool. Keyword Titan is a complete keyword and SEO multi-tool!


Our Features

Just take a look at a few of the powerful tools inside Keyword Titan!


Competition Analyzer

See a simple red/yellow/green indicator to determine whether the keyword is easy or difficult to rank for.




Keyword Explorer

Mine valuable keywords and each keyword's data, like search volume, CPC, value and more!




Search Explorer

Mine search suggestion keywords from Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, Ebay, and YouTube!




Rank Explorer

FINDS rankings, without you having to input keywords, and provides associated data for those keywords that the site is ranking for.





Rank Tracker

Quick, easy and accurate rank tracking for all of your websites and all of your keywords. Just plug in your url's and keywords.





Rank Suggestions

Analyze any site and provides details on the good and the bad of the site in regards to SEO.


Backlinks Explorer

In-depth backlink analysis (total backlinks, referring domains, anchor text, domain TrustScore, and much more)!




Domain Dashboard

Add each of your domains and see a snapshot of important data associated with it, like numer of ranking keywords, est. traffic volume and much more!



SEO Wizard

Quickly and easily find easy to rank for keywords in your niche, WITHOUT needing advanced keyword research knowledge.



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As also, we stand behind our products! We're so confident that you will love Keyword Titan, that we're offering a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Purchase your license now and if you're not satisfied just open a ticket at requesting a refund and we will refund every penny!